Youthful Smiles: Dental Implants for Young People

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youthful smiles dental implants for young people

Even one missing tooth might cause dental issues and other health issues that can harm our general health. Thus, missing teeth have to be corrected immediately. In most circumstances, replacing the missing tooth with a dental implant is best. 

As we grow from childhood to young adulthood, we rarely think about losing a tooth. Even still, picturing an adult without a tooth may conjure images of older adults or elite ice hockey players’ grins. Many young individuals lose or need to pull teeth. Dental implants are, hence, used primarily to replace missing teeth in certain cases.

Things To Know About Dental Implants

  • A Young Adult’s Chances of Losing a Permanent Tooth

Many reasons can cause permanent tooth loss in people of all ages. Lifestyle decisions or unique conditions can cause dental difficulties. In some cases, we cannot prevent dental disorders. Let us examine a few examples to explain why young adults may lose teeth.

  • Sports Injuries and Unintentional Impacts

A sudden tooth or jaw injury can cause irreparable tooth loss in young people. A car collision, slip-and-fall, or other unexpected force may cause this. Pressure from hockey, football, and rugby can also cause tooth loss. It is especially true without a sports mouthguard. See a dentist near you promptly if an accidental strike loosens a tooth. 

To treat and cure the tooth, we may prevent extraction. A dentist can reinsert the tooth into the jaw if the trauma is moderate and dental help is available immediately. Treatment outcomes depend on the patient’s dental exam damage and tooth and jaw conditions. 

  • Oral Health Issues and Improper Dental Care

Poor oral hygiene causes gum recession and disease, causing loose teeth. Dental professionals term severe gum disease, or periodontitis, as detrimental to gum tissue and the mouth. This disorder may cause loose teeth to fall out if left untreated. Routine dental exams and home oral care, including brushing, flossing, and antibacterial mouth rinses, prevent gum disease. 

Despite popular belief, these illnesses do not always develop gradually. A child’s dental health can swiftly deteriorate without treatment. In young people, oral hygiene neglect can accelerate tooth loss and degeneration of the oral cavity, dentition, and mandible.

  • Illnesses and Health Problems

No matter what, missing teeth hurt. Missing teeth quickly restrict eating and chewing. Missing incisors or canines impair biting, whereas missing molars make grinding tougher meals difficult. Dental issues can affect eating. 

Your dentist in South Edmonton says tooth loss might damage speech. Toothlessness affects speech rhythm, pronunciation, and articulation. Tooth loss and language might impair self-esteem. Teeth are for proudly smiling and speaking. 

Most tooth loss is due to bone density decline. Natural teeth strengthen jaw bone and sensitive tissues when masticated and told. Teeth stimulation strengthens the jaws. Low dental loss stimulation affects oral health and bone density. 

Dental issues commonly follow tooth loss. Only urgent treatment can prevent these dangerous diseases, especially in young adults. Patients fear tooth loss treatment. It is repaired by dentistry.

Alternatives to Replace a Lost Tooth

Dental bridges or single dental implants near you can replace missing teeth. When several nearby teeth are missing, bridges supported by implants can replace them. Implant-based dentures can replace numerous lost teeth. 

For entire mouth reconstruction, the cutting-edge all-on-4 dental implant approach is optimal. Those who have suffered considerable trauma and injury to the mouth cavity, mandible, and dentition, such as a motorbike accident, may qualify for extensive oral reconstruction. The treatment often results in this reconstruction.  

The Benefits of Implants

Dental implants replace teeth well due to their many benefits. Most importantly, dental implants are more stable than dentures or powerful dental adhesives used to attach bridges to natural teeth. Implant patients can eat better than denture and bridge patients. 

Implant receivers can consume many foods, like before tooth loss. Dental implants feel and look like teeth. Patients’ real teeth are matched in shape, colour, and tint by prosthetic teeth. Patients who have dental implants can smile confidently because their missing tooth is gone. 

The primary benefit of dental implants in South Edmonton is that they mimic tooth pressure and stimulation. Avoiding fast bone density loss requires prevention. Dental implants’ remarkable ability to blend with jaw bone encourages healthy bone growth like natural teeth, strengthening jaws. 

Contact Our Community Dental Office 

If you have experienced tooth loss, it is imperative to seek dental intervention without delay. Ensuring the prevention of future dental complications stemming from tooth loss in young adults hinges on timely intervention and the appropriate choice of replacement options. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the esteemed team at Jagare Ridge Dental to schedule an appointment, and we will gladly assist you in rejuvenating your oral cavity to its optimal functionality through the utilization of dental implants.