Mouth Guards Near You

Learning how to prevent face and mouth injuries is crucial, especially if you play organized sports or other types of recreational activities. The same can be said for patients who grind their teeth at night without protecting them as this can cause headaches, tooth wear and heighten your risk of tooth fracture or loss. When worn, custom-made mouth guards in South Edmonton, AB that are provided by your dentist can minimize your risk of tongue, lip, gum, jaw, face and teeth injuries. Generally, this dental device coves your upper teeth while protecting the soft tissues of your lips, tongue, and lining of your cheeks.

mouth guards in South Edmonton

The Benefits of Receiving Custom Mouth Guards Near You

The following are three benefits of custom mouth guards near you.

1. Individualized Fit

Custom-fitted mouth guards can provide you with better jaw muscle positioning to alleviate jaw strain and offer long-term protection. Your dentist can adjust the thickness of your mouth guard and ensure it fits your dental structure properly and comfortably.

2. Additional Protection

Custom-fitted mouth guards in South Edmonton are precisely made by your dentist using impressions of your mouth to provide you with optimal safety and comfort.

3. Enhanced Comfort

Over-the-counter mouth guards are a one-size-fits-all solution. Custom-fitted mouth guards near you, on the other hand, will fit snug in your mouth without cutting the insides of your gums or cheeks because they are specially made for you.

If your dentist recommends using custom-fitted mouth guards or you believe you could benefit from one, we provide mouth guards in South Edmonton, AB. If you have any questions about receiving mouth guards near you, contact us, or schedule a consultation.