Tooth Extractions Near You

While your dentist will do everything in their power to avoid tooth extraction, if there is irreparable damage, your tooth will need to be extracted. Tooth extraction is the complete removal of a tooth from its socket in your jawbone.

tooth extractions in South Edmonton

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

The following are common reasons why your dentist will resort to tooth extraction.

  • Irreversible tooth damage: When tooth decay reaches the center of your tooth—the pulp, produces bacteria that can attack it and create an infection.
  • To correct overcrowding: Your dentist may need to extract one or more teeth to eliminate overcrowding in your mouth.
  • Wisdom teeth: When your third molars—wisdom teeth erupt; they can wreak havoc on your neighbouring teeth. If they are coming in crooked or they are infected, you will need to extract them.
  • Orthodontic treatment: If you are receiving braces, you may need braces to extract one or multiple teeth to make room for the teeth to shift into the proper alignment.

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The Procedure for Tooth Extractions

Simple and surgical extractions are the two main types of procedures performed.

A Simple Tooth Extraction

This type of tooth extraction is performed on a tooth that can easily be seen in your mouth. Using a dental tool called an elevator, your dentist will loosen your tooth. Forceps are then used to remove the tooth.

A Surgical Tooth Extraction

We also provide surgical tooth extractions, which are a more complex procedure conducted when the teeth have not yet erupted or have broken off at your gum line. Surgical tooth extraction involves your South Edmonton dentist making a small incision in your gum near your infected tooth to remove the tooth. In some cases, removing some of the bone around the tooth is also necessary.

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