When Do Dentists Recommend Dental Sealants?

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when do dentists recommend dental sealants

Jagare Ridge Dental Clinic Offers Dental Sealants

Tooth cavities are one of the reasons many children and adults suffer from tooth decay. Other than maintaining good oral hygiene and attending regular dental checkups near you, dental sealants are also great options to consider in order to prevent tooth decay. Did you know that Jagare Ridge Dental Clinic offers dental sealants in South Edmonton?

When Would Our South Edmonton Dentist Recommend Dental Sealants?

Children and parents need to take action toward achieving a regular oral hygiene routine to preserve smiles from an early age. Having cavities at a young age can lead to adult tooth decay, which is a substantial factor in the manifestation of persistently poor oral health in the future. Dental sealants can help with the prevention of dental cavities (also called dental caries).

Children are more likely to suffer from tooth decay than adults since their enamel is still developing, meaning that it has not fully acquired the strength to protect its smile from cavities. Drinking water, going to biannual dental exams, and using toothpaste with fluoride can help strengthen the enamel. Premolars and molars are the most common teeth to suffer from cavities due to the fissures and pits that are hard to take care of.

Tooth cavities take time to manifest; the process itself is relatively slow it takes a while for the hard structure of our teeth to deteriorate to an extent when it becomes serious. In response to this phenomenon, your dentist in South Edmonton may advise you to eat less sugary foods, but why? Sugary foods, such as candy, contain high sugar levels that interact with the bacteria found in our mouths. In turn, this produces acids that weaken and kickstart the disintegration of our enamel without us even noticing. In addition, our molars have which means that they are harder to clean, making them another perfect spot for cavities.

Dental Sealants Near You

Dental sealants in our South Edmonton clinic are usually applied as a protective layer to the molars and premolars to prevent cavities and tooth decay. With dental sealants, you and your loved ones will have better oral health now and in the long term because brushing and flossing are much easier when the chewing surface of your molars is protected from acquiring bacteria and other debris.

Dental sealants are designed from high-quality dental plastic. When you or your child come in to receive them, molds and x-rays will be taken of your smile; this information is all sent to a dental lab where your coverings are made in accordance with your specific oral dimensions. In other words, they’ll fit you perfectly.

Protecting young teeth from tooth cavities and decay is essential to prevent further issues. Young children, teens, and adults are all ideal candidates for dental sealants in South Edmonton. Our South Edmonton dentist recommends receiving dental sealants during permanent tooth eruption to prevent tooth decay; this would suggest that around age 6, when permanent molars show, and at age 11 to 13 when the other sets of teeth appear, is the best time for dental sealant. Talk to your dentist for more information about this.

When it comes to wisdom teeth, the last set of teeth to erupt, a dentist near you will likely recommend removing them if they show a possible issue to your oral health. In other cases, your dentist in Jagare will suggest dental sealants treatment for your wisdom teeth to prevent decay if they don’t need to be extracted.

You can prevent tooth decay by performing good oral hygiene and having regular dental checkups.

Book an appointment today to learn more about dental sealants with a dentist near you!