What are The Services Provided by an Emergency Dentist?

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what are the services provided by an emergency dentist

When you are faced with a dental emergency, it can feel overwhelming and frightening, to say the least. There are several types of dental emergencies such as a broken, chipped, or knocked out tooth resulting from a physical accident or pain in your tooth or jawbone. Regardless of the type of dental emergency experienced, the first step to always take is to contact an emergency dentist near you.

Contacting an Emergency Dentist

You may be wondering what an emergency dentist is. Simply put, an emergency dentist is similar to a regular dentist but is trained and equipped to handle emergency situations. Upon completing their Bachelor in Dentistry, they receive certification and licensing. Emergency dentists may have their own practices where they provide emergency dental treatment near you but also allocate a set time to treat patients dealing with a dental emergency. Typically, emergency dentists are available on call and the majority of dentists offer emergency dental care at their offices.

What Can I Expect When Visiting an Emergency Dentist in South Edmonton?

Once you have contacted an emergency dentist and enter their office, the visit will begin with an initial examination. It’s important that you mention any symptoms you have experienced at this time in order for your dentist to provide the most appropriate treatment. If you require dental surgery, tooth extraction, root canal therapy, or any additional specialized dental treatment, your dentist in South Edmonton will prescribe medication or relive your pain temporarily until the soonest available appointment is scheduled.

What Emergency Dental Services Are Offered?

To minimize pain, symptoms and eliminate infection, your emergency dentist will prescribe painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, and antibiotics. If you experience dental pain or issues but are unsure whether you should contact an emergency dentist, the following scenarios require emergency dental care:

Severe Toothache

Developing a toothache can occur instantaneously or gradually over time. Toothaches necessitate emergency dental treatment and shouldn’t be dismissed until your next visit for a cleaning or exam. A toothache could signal more serious and underlying issues and it’s important that you receive emergency dental treatment near you if you have a toothache.

A Broken or Chipped Tooth

Is your tooth fractured or broken? First, you will need to clean your gums and relieve any pain by rinsing your mouth with warm salted water. If your tooth is dislodged, bring your tooth with you to the emergency dentist in Edmonton as they may be able to save it.

A Missing Crown

While losing a crown may seem insignificant, this common dental emergency requires you to visit your dentist for prompt treatment. If you have noticed that your crown is missing, visit an emergency dentist in South Edmonton who will repair or replace the crown.

Bleeding Gums

Do your gums begin to bleed when you brush or floss? This may be a sign of poor dental hygiene and gingivitis—a mild form of gum disease. You will need to visit an emergency dentist to thoroughly examine the area for signs of a more serious issue.

Knocked-Out or Removed Teeth

An abscessed tooth can occur from a fall or forceful damage to your mouth. This is a dental emergency and will need immediate treatment. It may be possible to save your tooth by placing it in a container full of milk and bringing it with you to your dental office.

When a dental emergency occurs, don’t hesitate to seek emergency dental services near you. Your dentist in South Edmonton is trained to provide emergency dental treatment in a stress-free environment providing relief and a solution, even for the most complicated emergency situations.