Step-By-Step Process for Composite Filling

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step by step process for composite filling

Receiving a dental filling has become a common method to restore patient smiles. Oral health professionals are aware that, even though this is a familiar and well-known treatment, many people still get nervous when they come in for their appointment. 

Understanding the stages involved in the process of preparing and fixing a tooth with a filling can help you feel more comfortable in the chair and confident with your decision. Your dentist will do all they can to ensure your treatment is smooth and uneventful, and that you stay relaxed. 

Dental fillings are more than a standardized method of removing decay and filling the space left behind – it is a practical and reliable measure that will help repair the structural integrity of your tooth and prevent future harm. 

A dentist near you can answer any inquiries that you have regarding this process, as well as address any hesitations or concerns you are facing. Call them today to set up a consultation. 

What are Composite Fillings?

Giving patients composite fillings is a modern dental measure that combines functionality and aesthetics. Made of high-quality resin, these devices provide a strong and effective solution when it comes to remedying tooth damage. Additionally, unlike conventional amalgam fillings, they are hardly noticeable. 

This treatment can aid patients who are dealing with cavities of various sizes, making them quite versatile. Patients of all ages can acquire composite fillings. Reduced tooth sensitivity, temperature resistance, and results that last are additional benefits that recipients can experience. 

To find out more about composite fillings near you, feel free to reach out to your family dentist. This treatment can address functional impediments and contribute to the overall cosmetic appearance of your smile at the same time. 

The Steps to Get a Tooth Filling 

Prior to undergoing this service, you will be expected to meet with your general dentist so they can evaluate your oral cavity and take a few x-rays. Not everyone is a suitable candidate to get composite fillings in South Edmonton, so you will need to receive the stamp of approval before any physical dental work can begin. 

  1. Initial Evaluation: The dentist assesses decay severity, determining the need for a filling.
  2. Anesthetic: A local anesthetic ensures a pain-free appointment and is applied to numb the affected tooth.
  3. Decay Removal: A dental drill or laser removes decay, creating space for the filling.
  4. Tooth Preparation: The cavity is cleaned and shaped for optimal bonding conditions.
  5. Filling Material Selection: Patients choose from amalgam, composite, or ceramic based on their preference and their dentist’s recommendation.
  6. Placement of the Filling: The chosen material is carefully placed into the prepared cavity for a secure fit.
  7. Curing (for composite fillings): Special light hardens and bonds composite material to the tooth.
  8. Shaping and Refining: The dentist smooths and shapes the filling for a seamless integration.
  9. Bite Adjustment: Necessary adjustments are made for comfort and proper alignment.
  10.  Post-Treatment Care: The dentist guides transient sensitivity and schedules follow-up consultations for comprehensive aftercare. 

Aftercare for Composite Fillings

Maintaining the durability of your composite fillings is a responsibility you need to take seriously. 

Use a soft toothbrush to gently brush the filled area while being cautious with your flossing technique. 

Eat a diet low in too firm or sticky foods, and limit staining agents like coffee. Maintaining general oral health is supported by drinking enough water, and routine dental examinations are essential for assessing the filling’s condition. 

For advice tailored to your needs, instantly discuss any concerns with your dentist and treat any temporary sensitivity with lukewarm liquids. This thorough guidance guarantees a fulfilling path to a long-lasting, bright smile.

What is the Lifespan of a Composite Filling?

Composite fillings usually last 5 to 15 years, depending on the tooth’s location, biting forces, and oral hygiene. Frequent dental examinations are essential for monitoring their condition, guaranteeing early diagnosis and treatment, and prolonging longevity. Find a dentist in South Edmonton dedicated to your oral health, providing comprehensive and personalized care tailored to your needs.

Are Composite Fillings Safe?

Composite fillings are safe. These tooth-colored fillings, made of plastic and resin, are biocompatible and long-lasting. They are a safe option due to minimal mercury exposure, tooth preservation, and natural beauty. Speak with your dentist for tailored guidance depending on your interests and oral health.

Jagare Ridge Dental: Your Dental Care Partner 

The entire staff here at our neighborhood dental practice is committed to fostering bright smiles that are healthy and functional. Tailoring the services we offer to help you meet your personal objectives is a strategy you can count on receiving every time you visit us. 

Our dentists look forward to meeting with you and your family, and walking with you all on your unique oral health journeys. Message us when your schedule permits and we’ll work with you to select a time to come in for an initial consultation. 

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