How to Choose the Right Mouthguard

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how to choose the right mouthguard


A blow to the face resulting from an accident or while participating in sports may lead to broken teeth or an injured tongue, lip, or jaw. Mouthguards also called sports guards and mouth protectors, are protective devices worn over teeth to help minimize or even prevent such injuries to the mouth.

Sports injuries are more commonplace than you think, and millions of teeth are avulsed each year during sports and games. Although a dentist in South Edmonton will tell you that these devices are highly under-rated and many serious oral injuries could have been avoided with its usage, they continue to be overlooked by some athletes or those who participate in sports and extra circular activities.


  •   Have a good fit and will not keep falling out or cause pain.
  •   Provide buffer against injury to the teeth, lips, and tongue.
  •   Allow comfortable breathing.
  •   Will not be bulky and affect speech.
  •   Should be resilient and crack-proof.
  •   Easy to clean and maintain so that oral hygiene is not compromised due to its use.
  •   Will be odourless and tasteless.
  •   Provide adequate cushion to braces if needed.

For people who are sold on the value of this protective device and are looking for mouthguards in South Edmonton, another problem remains to be sorted. Which mouthguard is ideal and how to make the best choice? Typically, all mouthguards are made of EVA, a type of resilient plastic, but differ according to usability and cost. Knowing what works best for you is important so that you don’t end up with the wrong mouthguard that does not serve its purpose.


  •   Purpose – whether you are a sports person or someone who needs mouthguards for other reasons.
  •   Regularity – how often will you be using it, once in a while or every day for long hours.
  •   Affordability – like for all other things in life, how much you are ready to pay for this device will be a deciding factor.


Custom-made mouthguards – As the name suggests, this type of device will be made-to-order by a dentist near you with your specific fit and requirements. It is the best type of mouthguard, widely favored by most athletes globally. It gives a perfect fit without feeling bulky or causing discomfort. Generally, a dentist will be able to provide you with custom mouthguards near you. The only possible negatives of these mouthguards could be slightly higher cost, and the time required to make them.

Boil-and-Bite mouthguards – These types of mouthguards have to be boiled in water to soften the plastic and then bitten into to get a custom fit. They can be easily bought at most sports good stores or at drugstores. Though this type of mouthguard gives you a good fit, it only works if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions diligently. They are definitely better than a stock mouthguard, and cheaper than custom mouthguards.

Stock mouthguards – These are a pre-formed and ready-to-wear kind of mouthguard, also known as mouth protectors. Although they are a lot cheaper than the other two, they do not offer a good fit as they are pre-made. They are generally bulky and make breathing and talking quite difficult. The only upside could be the low cost and the option for instant use.

Now that you have been walked through all types of mouthguards available and their pros and cons, it should be easier for you to decide which is the right one for you.